Entered Apprentice Degree at the Sun Tavern

The new year brings in more opportunities; opportunities for men-alike to gather together to pursue a common goal and be the better version of themselves. More importantly, it brings in more opportunities to welcome new brothers to the oldest fraternity in the world.

The brothers of the Fidelity-St. John’s # 3, along with many other brothers from nearby lodges in Connecticut gathered together just few days after welcoming the new year to welcome a new brother to the lodge. Unlike the previous degrees, the recent Entered Apprentice Degree was particularly special. The degree was held at the Sun Tavern, which historically, held a couple of St. John’s Lodge No. 3 meetings during the early 1800’s before building our own Masonic Temple in town.

The Sun Tavern was built around 1780, replacing an old Sun Tavern that was burnt during the British raid of 1779. The tavern served many roles. They provided food and lodging for both travelers and their horses as they come through Fairfield on the route between Boston and New York. They were stops for stagecoach – public transportation in the era before trains and buses. They also served as community hubs, where local men might gather for a drink and a good gossip, a game of cards or droughts, or to read the newspaper and discuss politics.

The Sun Tavern

Some of the prominent guests that stayed at the tavern includes John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams, and Roger Sherman. It also believed that Brother George Washington stayed at the tavern during one of his presidential tour of New England in 1789.

During the recent years, the Sun Tavern, now a museum, has been revitalized to create a dynamic regional destination that will connect history, art, culture,  and community. At the present time, the tavern exhibition offer visitors an immersive experience. Guests can sit at a tavern table, empty the mailbag, and read a newspaper from 200 years ago. 

Sign located outside of the Sun Tavern

The Grand Lodge of Connecticut holds a special place for the members of the Fairfield Museum & Historical Center community. The Grand Lodge of Connecticut was the very first group to make a generous contribution to the revitalization of the Sun Tavern. In addition to the inclusion of the symbolic Square and Compasses on the sign just outside of the Sun Tavern, a nice display of the tavern’s connection with the Freemasons and its history can also be found at the second floor of the museum. 

Ever since the two masonic meetings that were held at the Sun Tavern in the early 1800’s, the brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s Lodge No. 3 never met again in the tavern until year 2012 when R.W. Chris Jennings became the Worshipful Master of the lodge. The brothers met again at the Sun Tavern in 2015 when W.B. James D’Acosta and the brothers present welcomed two new brothers to the fraternity. Finally, on the evening of January 3rd, 2019, W.M. John Chrysadakis as well as the rest of the brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s Lodge No. 3 and with the help of other brothers from other lodges, welcome Bro. Walter Matis, the curator of the Sun Tavern, to the fraternity.

The other lodges that were represented during the evening are: Union Lodge No. 5, Washington Lodge No. 19, Temple Lodge No. 65, Acacia Lodge No. 85, Corinthian Lodge No. 104, Annawon Lodge No. 115, and Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge No. 142.

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