Founder’s Day Table Lodge: Celebrating 260th Year Anniversary

“Give me the punch ladle, I’ll fathom the bowl” was one of the many songs that surrounded the entire dining hall of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, February 12th, 2022. The brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s No. 3, along with many visiting brothers from other lodges in the state of Connecticut celebrated their 260th Year Anniversary singing songs fitting such a monumental occasion.

It was on that same day in 1762 that St. John’s No. 3 received their charter from George Harrison, the Provincial Grand Master of the Colony of New York, enabling them to organize a Masonic lodge in Fairfield County. Throughout its long history, we have seen St. John’s No. 3 give birth to several new lodges, some of which still exist and are prospering today. Others however, like Fidelity No. 134 merged back into St. John’s No. 3 in 1990, reforming its name to what we know today as Fidelity-St. John’s No. 3.

With over forty brothers in attendance, representing at least ten different lodges in the state of Connecticut, the brothers enjoyed each other’s company through seven ceremonial toasts. However, the highlight of the evening didn’t come from any one of the toasts that were given. Instead, it came from an old tavern just a short distance away from the dining hall.

To make the evening memorable, the brothers were treated with a private tour of the Sun Tavern, which is known to have held some of St. John’s No. 3’s Stated Communications. The Sun Tavern is in today’s Old Post Road, originally called the “King’s Highway”, connecting the colonies of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. It was believed that Bro. George Washington stayed at the Tavern during a presidential tour of New England on October 16th, 1789.

Incorporating a tour of the Sun Tavern was very fitting for the occasion. It gave the members of Fidelity-St. John’s No. 3 a better appreciation of their own history. As for the visiting brothers, it gave them a memorable experience and it opens new ideas for a similar or innovative program they can incorporate for their next table lodge.

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