History of Fidelity-St. John’s # 3

Fidelity-St. John Lodge No. 3, was instituted in 1762 under a Warrant from R.W George Harrison, Provincial Grand Master of New York, by which our worshipful and well beloved Brother Eleazer Hubble, was nominated constituted and appointed to be the Master of the St. John’s Lodge in the County of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut.

The members of the Lodge in the year 1763 were Eleazur Hubble, Isaac Youngs, Woolcott Chauncey, Benjamin Wyncoop, David Wheeler, Ebenezer Bartam Jr, Joseph Silliman, Joseph Knapp, N. Smith Odell, Gold, Samuel Hull Jr. , Daniel Brown, Timothy Northam, Seth Sherwood, Henry Keltch, Seth Warner, John Whiteo, Aaron Hubbell, John Gregg.

Upon the organization of the Grand Lodge a new charter was taken out by this Lodge, locating it at Newfield and giving it rank as a “number three” in the list of subordinates.


From and after the October session of 1801 St. John’s Lodge number No 3, was located at Bridgeport or at least their returns to the Grand Lodge were dated at that place until May session of 1809, when by vote at the Grand Lodge it was ordered that St. John’s No 3 be holden in future within one mile of the court house in the town of Fairfield.

This arrangement was continued until the annual communication of 1821 since which without any action of the Grand Lodge the permanent location has been at Bridgeport and in 1826 a new Lodge was constituted in Fairfield.

St. John’s No 3 has generally been among the most active flourishing Lodges in this jurisdiction, but in the excitement that which prevailed for a few years after 1826, she bowed before the storm, only to rise when it had passed, and to stand again, more erect and firm than ever.

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