5th Annual Habitat for Humanity Work Party

“There are two kinds of masonry; operative and speculative masonry.” Although “we work ask speculative masons only”, the brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s No. 3 put the working tools of masonry to task in the tradition of our ancient brethren. A project, which began in May 2015 by Worshipful Brother James Wade D’Acosta, became an annualContinue reading “5th Annual Habitat for Humanity Work Party”

Entered Apprentice Degree at the Sun Tavern

The new year brings in more opportunities; opportunities for men-alike to gather together to pursue a common goal and be the better version of themselves. More importantly, it brings in more opportunities to welcome new brothers to the oldest fraternity in the world. The brothers of the Fidelity-St. John’s # 3, along with many otherContinue reading “Entered Apprentice Degree at the Sun Tavern”