Upcoming Meetings

April 15th – Regular Stated meeting Dinner at 6:30 and meeting to start at 7:30. practice for Fellowcraft Degree immediately following meeting

April 17th – Special Meeting – Fellow Craft Degree Meeting to begin at 2:00PM dinner immediately following at Fire Engine Pizza.

May 6th – Regular Stated Meeting Dinner at 6:30 and Meeting to start at 7:30, practice for EA degree immediately following meeting

May 20th – Regular Stated Meeting – Entered Apprentice Degree, dinner at 6:30 and meeting to begin at 7:30

June 3th – Regular Stated Meeting

June 17th – Regular Stated Meeting

June 25th – Ladies and Awards night to be held at the Fairfield Penfield Pavillion at 323 Fairfield Beach Road in Fairfield. Begins at 7:00 PM. ( open to the public)

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