2nd Annual SWIM Across the Sound

One of the most well-known Roman Emperor and a Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius once said, “Joy for human beings lies in proper human work. And proper human work consists in: acts of kindness to other human beings.”

“Kindness.” A simple word, yet with a powerful objective is one of the focus this year for the brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s # 3 – to preserve the continuity of the lodge’s centuries old tradition of “Serving our Community”, a tradition that began in 1762. It is our goal to display kindness and compassion towards those in need, which we hoped would ignite the hearts of other people to perform and emanate the same.

Last year, a fundraising endeavor for St. Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound, was brought to the attention of the lodge by Bro. Craig Grannan, who at the time, was recently passed to the degree of Fellow Craft.

Swim Across the Sound is a charitable event organized by St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation that began in 1987. The organization has provided cancer education, screening, and prevention programs at low – or no – cost for the underinsured and uninsured. The organization also helps individual cancer patients on a case-by-case basis with specific needs, such as the funding of wigs and prostheses, medical assistance, free transportation to treatments and appointments, day-care scholarships, and support groups

Approximately 160 swimmers with fundraising goals participate each year in the solo, two-person, corporate challenge, and team relays categories. Thanks to the swimmers, donors, and event sponsors, the Swim Across the Sound helps more than 30,000 people annually.

However, due to last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, Swim Across the Sound’s largest fundraising event was cancelled, resulting in an urgent need of donations to meet their annual goal. Through the efforts and leadership of Bro. Grannan, the lodge began collecting financial contributions from amongst the craft, which resulted in a $1,200 donation to the cause.

Refueling the momentum that began last year, the brothers of Fidelity-St. John’s # 3 collectively decided to make this cause an annual charitable effort. Spearheaded once again by Bro. Grannan, the brothers of the lodge were able to donate a total of $2,250; nearly doubling last year’s contributions.

Left to Right: Bro. Craig Grannan, Bro. Fritzner Erauda, WB Andrew Flasko, and Anthony Carnera, Director of Philanthropy at St. Vincent’s Medical Center

As a result of the lodge’s contribution, St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation will display four banners containing the lodge’s name as a proud supporter. Two of the banners will be displayed by the flagpole at St. Mary’s by the Sea, one at Captain’s Cove Seaport, and the last at McClevy Green.

Thousands of individuals and small businesses support the Swim Across the Sound through donations of all denominations. To make a donation, visit give.stvincents.org/DonateNow.

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