Chili Cook-Off: A Fundraising Event

For our first fundraising event this year, we have decided to team up with a national Non-Profit Organization called “Share Our Strength” on their national campaign called No Kid Hungry to end child hunger across America.

With the help of our community, the local restaurants, and individual families, will provide their best chili recipe and bring it to the lodge for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to submit your best chili recipe as a lodge, as a family, or as a restaurant or any group, please let us know by January 23. This event is open to everyone so invite your entire family and group of friends! This event is free, however we do encourage donations as you enter the lodge. The winner and participants will get publications on all our social media as well as local news.

All proceeds of this event will be donated to a national non-profit organization “Share Our Strength” to help end child hunger across America.

This event will be held on Saturday, January 26th, 2019. Please visit our Facebook event page for more information on location and time.

Chili Cook-Off: A Fundraising Event

In America alone, there are 1 in 6 kids living in households without consistent access to enough food. That’s about 13 million children. For the first time in history, over half of the public school students are from low-income family. Through No Kid Hungry, we are helping end childhood hunger in America by connecting children with the nutritious food they need to lead healthy and active lives.

Many families in northern Montana struggle to provide for their kids. Thanks to No Kid Hungry, their children are able to eat free, healthy meals at school (and in the summer when school is out), so families can focus on building bright futures for their kids. Your support helps us deliver hope to communities like these across America. Donate today at

With help from No Kid Hungry, MUSC a major hospital in the heart of Charleston, became one of only a handful of hospitals in this country with a free summer meals program for kids struggling with hunger.
To learn more, read our Medium post about MUSC featuring special interviews with staff and

No Kid Hungry began in 2010, since then, Share Our Strength has provided over one billion meals to kids. Your generous donation is one step closer to the day when no child in America will go hungry.

For more information on the campaign, please click No Kid Hungry.

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