From the West



As we look to the second half of the year we continue to walk into the light together as masons. It is important to reflect back on why we became Masons or what brought us to this fraternity and why we sought out others like us, men of good character, who defend the weak, help the poor, seek the truth in all things, honor and respect eve-ryone, including our country, our families, and God.

As masons we promise to help those in need, live our lives as good citizens, and search for more light to constantly improve ourselves.
Earlier this year we were all tested. We all sought out the light together and faced with adversity. We make it our goal to improve ourselves and our brothers. We have had some tremendous meetings in the first six months of this year. I am so proud of every one of our officers for pre-senting some amazing degree work this year and we are looking forward to some great degrees in the second half of this year.

Let’s dedicate the second half of this year to continue to improve ourselves, focusing on fiduciary responsibilities and creating plans to keep masonry in Fairfield strong for the next 100 years at the very least. I hope all members will come out to support our new members being raised and initiated this year and show the fraternal spirit Fi-delity St Johns #3 is known for.

Senior Warden Andrew Flasko