Worshipful Master’s Message

21765295_1485324428221709_6623086667131505022_nAs we enter a new year at Fidelity-St. John’s # 3, we prepare to continue some of our old traditions, change some of those old traditions, and endeavor to create new ones. Over the last few years, we have heard the term “Legacy” tossed around at various times.

One of the primary goals for our lodge in 2018 is to honor the legacy our long time members have laid down, while giving our newer members the opportunity to contribute something of their own. Be on the lookout for new opportunities for fellowship, as well as a few twists on some of the old ones!

I look forward to seeing you at not only our stated communications, but also at the many social events we have planned over the next several months!

WB Greg Schroder

* For 2018, we will be returning to a regular cycle of degrees; beginning with the Entered Apprentice in January, Fellowcraft in February, and Master Mason in March. The cycle begins again in April, and then again in September. This will allow structure for both members and candidates to know what Degree will be held each month. If any other lodge has a candidate who is missing a degree, they will know when Fidelity-St. John’s # 3 can accommodate them. *