Worshipful Master’s Message



The officers of Fidelity-St. Johns 3 and I have a year planned full of opportunities that will continue to leave an impact on our community. For this year, our goal as a lodge is to keep leaving a legacy here in Fairfield and the surrounding areas we all call home.

We will be working with the CT Love Army to help us do more community service in Fairfield County. We will be posting all of our volunteer opportunities on our Facebook page as well as Blue Lodge Council’s page please keep an eye out for anything you can give your time to. We want to welcome all brothers in Connecticut to join us this year in any of these opportunities.

Not only will we be expanding our reach through the CT Love Army, we will maintain traditions that our Lodge has had over the years. We will be working with Habitat for Humanity through Worshipful Brother James W. D’Acosta’s great relationship with the organization. We will also continue our Annual Pancake Festival.

We want to extend not only Fidelity St. John’s 3’s legacy but our appending organization’s as well. With this mission for 2017, Fidelity-St. John’s 3 would like to invite any brother from any lodge throughout Connecticut or the Tri-State area. We will be updating our brethren when such opportunities arise and of course any events that promote fellowship!

Cheers to a great 2017!

W.B. Casen Doherty

“Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.” – Bro. Samuel L. Clemens