From the West


Recently, details of the financial difficulties faced by our lodge have been communicated. These events force us to stand at a crossroads.  Faced with many decisions and directions in which to proceed,  we must chart a path forward.  As with every important undertaking,  we turn to the Great Architect and offer up our prayers for wisdom in these trying times. I encourage all of you to do so now, and together he will guide us all to choose the same road forward together. Our sister lodges and appendant bodies have offered kindness, strength, and support which has been extremely caring and helpful. Their generosity and spirit toward us is a shining example of true masons standing upright for the principles of Brotherhood, Relief and Truth. They are examples of light in the dark times ever reminding us that we must always walk toward the light rather than the darkness.

We are focusing on ways to pay off our debt.  We are also actively looking at different options in the longer term to either professionally rent our building, or to sell the building and rent space.  All of these decisions require thoughtful analysis and critical review of the financial and social effects.   We are all committed to the goal of determining the best way forward that will allow us to keep our lodge for at least the next 100 years.  Our mission is to maximize the value of Fidelity St Johns #3 on all levels for now and for the future.  Together with your help we will do so.

– Senior Warden Andrew Flasko