Message from the West

48428188_2022011304553016_6021434867844120576_oGreetings from the West,

Thank you Brethren for your confidence in electing me as Senior Warden, I would like to thank all of the brothers of Fidelity-St Johns as well the brothers from Corinthians, who came out to help with our building projects, with everyone pitching in and working through the physical labor and even if it was exhausting it really brought us all into a tighter fellowship with each other. Some of these memories we will never forget from all day concreting to truck pool table towing.

This upcoming year looks to be a very busy one. Our new Master has a lot of fun programs coming up and far less construction-based ones, from our Chili Cook off, Table Lodge, our Annual Pancake festival, Soccer, Habitat for Humanity, the Memorial Day parade, and Awards/Ladies night, show us the first six months are full of fun and exciting events for all of us. I hope to see each and every one of you at these events, and please spread them around to your friends from other lodges too.

The level helps to teach us that we are all equal, and as we are all striving to be the best we can be, and always looking to improve, exemplify to show us all how this brotherhood is based to truly making men great. Please give a thought to other men that we know who are similar and might be a great addition to the fraternity and invite them to one of our dinners or events.

I look forward to a successful and prosperous year.

– Bro. Andrew Flasko, SW

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